Dog Leads

Leather dog leads UK

We have a large selection of leather dog leads in multiple bright colours. 

Our leather dog leads come in different lengths and widths and the clip is sized to the width of the lead so small dogs will have a size appropriate clip on their lead.

We have a standard padded leather leads and rolled leather leads. Both types of dog lead come in many different colours. We also do reflective nylon/Leather dog lead, this lead is used by our very own tester grew here at Woofstar head quarters and we love them.

The long 7 foot dog leads are training leads e.g. double ended leads where there is a clip at both ends and the lead can be adjusted to different lengths or clipped to for example a collar and a harness or a collar and a head collar. Training leads can also be clipped to a hoop that can be put around the waist or over the shoulder of the handler to allow for hands free training.