Soft Rolled Leather Dog Lead
Soft Rolled Leather Dog Lead
Soft Rolled Leather Dog Lead
Soft Rolled Leather Dog Lead

Soft Rolled Leather Dog Lead

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    Luxurious rolled leather dog lead. Hand made with Italian nappa leather, the softest of leathers. These leads are luxuriously soft and comfortable to hold.

    Woofstar rolled leather dog leads have a reinforced hand stitched vegetable tanned leather at the stress points, this gives the lead longevity and makes it safer. 

    If you require a different length to the ones listed, we can accommodate this (we regularly do shorter lengths for giant dogs). Please drop us a message with your requirements!

    This lead is our best seller and it is not surprising!

    • soft leather rolled leads in a beautiful range of colours
    • very soft to hold
    • Nickle trigger hook
    • available in 4 colours

    4 Ft long in length.

    Small dog is suitable for the smaller breeds with a smaller lightweight clip.

    Toy/small dog is even lighter version of this lead where there isn't a enforced part at the clip as our little companions do not need this area enforced but benefit of a lighter lead. We would recommend these for the little lightweight dainty dogs like chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, maltese, miniature dachshund, Pomeranian, Papillion, Japanes chin, Russian toy terrier, small terriers etc. And for small breed puppies. 5 foot long.

    Regular is suitable for most breeds including larger breeds where owner wants lighter lead

    Large dog is suitable for large breeds and heavier pullers

    Please note our current model does not have a ring at the handle.