Diamond collar - Soft leather

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Diamond sight hound collar. Beautiful handmade real leather collars for small dogs. 

These collars are great for italian greyhounds, whippets, small lurchers, miniature and toy poodles, small poodle crosses, miniature snauchers, miniature pinchers, many small terrier breeds and Chinese crested a few to mention.

The collars have a soft nappa leather lining and the back of the stones is under the lining, not rubbing against your dogs delicate neck. The buckle has a lovely diamond detailing. These collars are very soft and great for your delicate dog's neck.

Available in in a choice of 3 colours

And 3 sizes 12" 14" and 15.5"
12" long widest point 1" (Neck Sizes 8" To 10 1/2") - 31cm long (Neck size  20-27cm)
14" long, widest point 1 1/8" (Neck Sizes 10" To 12 1/2") -36cm long (Neck size 26-33cm)
15 1/2" long, widest point 1 1/8" (Neck size 11 1/2" To 14") - 40cm long (Neck size 30-36cm)

Please note as the product is handmade, there might be a slight variation in size.

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