Flower dog collar
Flower dog collar
Flower dog collar
Flower dog collar
Flower dog collar Pink
Flower dog collar

Flower dog collar

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We love these pretty flower dog collars for the girls. There is no mistaking your dog is a girl when wearing one of these! Not to say pretty boys could not get away wearing these too...

Puppies too look adorable in these collars!

Sizing of these flower dog collars goes down to 8" which is pretty small and fits small puppies too.

Flower dog collars come in many bright colour combinations and we change the selection regularly. The colour of the leather flowers match the colour of the lining.

Flower collars are made with soft real leather top and flowers, lined with soft faux leather lining. These collars are hand made.

As all of our collars, these collars are made in EU with European parts. We do not support the trade from China as there are too many welfare questions around production of leather and conditions of workers in those countries.

10" fits neck size 6.5" to 8"  -25cm long, neck size 17-21cm
12" fits neck size 7" to 9.5"  - 30cm long, neck size 18-25cm
15" fits neck size 9" to 11"  - 35cm long, neck size 24-29cm
16" fits neck size 10.5" to 13.5"  - 40cm long,neck size 27-35cm

Many people match these collars with our soft rolled leather leads HERE.