Spiked Dog Collar - Pink
Spiked Dog Collar - Pink

Spiked Dog Collar - Pink

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Pink Spiked dog collar for the tough punk princesses.
Fabulous leather collar with spikes and studs, sporting a black top leather with incredibly soft pink lining. This pink collar is also padded for the extra comfort for the dog.
Both the top leather and lining is 100% real leather. The back of the spikes is fully hidden under the lining so will not irritate your dog or rub against their skin.
Traditionally worn by bullbreeds but will look great on other breeds too (please send us a picture if you are buying this for your poodle!)
These pink spiked collars are fully lined and padded, soft and comfortable for your dog to wear.
Please note, although the spikes are not sharp, we do not recommend this collar to be worn whilst playing with other dogs. 
Also available in Black and Blue
Inch to cm table:
Inch/Cm Measurements:
18" long, 1 1/2" wide (fits neck size 13"- 15")        - 45cm long, 40mm wide (fits neck size 32-41cm)  
20" long, 1 1/2" wide (fits neck size 15 1/2"- 19") - 50cm long, 40mm wide (fits neck size 40-47cm)  
21 1/2" long, 1 1/2" wide (fits neck size 18"- 20 1/2") - 55cm long, 40mm wide (fits neck size  45-53cm)