Half Check Collar - Plaited Half Check Collar - Black&Red
Half Check Collar - Plaited Half Check Collar - Black&Red

Plaited half check collar - Black&Red

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Handmade half check collars with leather plait. These beautiful collars are crafted with love from top quality parts.  

100% real leather. The plait is hand threaded on the top leather and under the lining on the inside of the collar.

The fittings are nickel. The sizing of the collar is the size when at it's smallest (ring touching ring). Please measure your dogs neck and select a size that is closes to your dogs measurement.

Half check collars (also known as martingale collars) are great for dogs that have lot of coat as they lay looser when no lead is attached. Also great for excitable dogs as it is very easy and quick to slip on a half check collar opposed to fighting with buckle to get a normal flat collar on.

inch to cm table

16" long, 1" wide - 40cm long, 25mm wide
18" long, 1" wide - 45cm long, 25mm wide
20"long, 1" wide  - 50cm long, 25mm wide
21"long, 1" wide  - 55cm long, 25mm wide
24" long, 1"wide - 60cm long, 25mm wide

Here is a link to how to measure for a half check collar.

Please note items coming up as a pre-order are out of stock and will take approx 3 weeks to arrive.