Dog show set with Swivel - Comfort Collar

Dog show set with Swivel - Comfort Collar

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Half check dog show set with comfort pad.

Comfort collars are great for young dogs or dogs that link to pull their heads down when moving.

  • 4mm thickness is for toy and small dogs or those that do not pull
  • 5mm for medium to large dogs.
  • For large/giant breed of a dog we recommend purchasing a separate collar and lead, so we can size the chain accordingly (the chain on the sets is not very thick).


All of these leads have a rope core to stop the lead stretching and also to make them stronger. Comfort collar has a wider section for dog's throat, please mention the breed in the notes so we can size this accordingly if selection a collar with comfort pad.

The standard length of the lead part is 35 inches please leave a message if you require different. Note the dog’s neck size in the comment section when ordering (measure tight around the neck where the collar is when showing).

We make these to order and the standard options are listed below. As we make to order please email us if you require anything different to the standard and we will do our best to accommodate