Collar sizing guide

How to Measure for a Martingale Collar/Half check collar

Use a soft tape measure or a piece of string and take the measurements at point 1, 2, and 3 in the picture below.

1. Around the widest part of the head  -The length of the collar needs to be smaller than this measurement or the dog can back out of the collar

-However ensure the collar length you have chosen  +10cm will add up to measurement 1 or you will be unable to get the collar on.

2. Behind the ears - To ensure the collar is not too small, the length should be this measurement or slightly more.

3. Around the neck (where the dog collar will sit when not tightened up). 

All of our half check collar measurements are the length of the collar at it's smallest WITHOUT the chain part, chain adds approx. 3 inches/10cm to the overall size.

If in doubt of correct size, contact us with the above 3 measurements and we will be able to advise the best fit. 

When measuring your dog to fit a half check collar, it is very important to get the size right.

If the collar is too small, you might not be able to fit it over the widest part of the dogs head, a dog will be in discomfort or receive markings around the neck from the collar.

If the collar is too big, the dog will not be restrained and will be able to back out of the collar. The collar will need to fit over the dogs head so you can get it on, but should be tight enough not to slip off easily if the dog tried to back out of it.

How to Measure for normal buckle collar

If happy with the current fit, you can measure the current collar to the hole currently in use.

If wanting to get a new size.Measure all measurement as snug fit around. Measure between points 2&3 in the picture and select a size that fits around it the best. As an additional "safety" check, take the measurements at point 1 and ensure your collar can be tightened up to a smaller size than this, as if it can not, the dog will be able to easily back out of the collar.