Small dog show lead

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Toy dog show leads with kindness neck pad. The kindness pad helps control dogs that have a tenancy to sniff the floor or choke themselves in a slim show lead. Leads with a wider neck piece are also great for youngsters and puppies in training.

These toydog show leads are available in black, brown, white, pink and purple. We might have other colours available, please ask if you are looking for different colour.

These leads are 120cm long and made out of mini paracord so despite being thin they are pretty strong. Hand finished and stitched at the stress points.

The leather is supersoft nappa leather so gentle & comfortable on the neck of your dog.

We have sold these to show dogs from Chihuahua to slightly larger larger dogs like Shih Tzu, lhasa apsos, chinese crested, poodles etc.

Free postage.