Adjustable half check collar - soft leather

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Adjustable half check collars are made out of beautifully soft oil tanned leather. Available with brass or nickel fittings. Oil tanned leather has been tanned in oil based tannin agent, this creates a very soft and supple collar that does not require oiling to keep it soft.

These adjustable half check collars are fully hand stitched, using traditional twin needle technique which means should a thread ever break, it will not run like a machine stitching will. These collars do not have any metal studs to have hair tangle around or rub against your dogs sensitive skin & coat. 

Adjustable half check collars are a great choice for youngsters who are still growing and for dogs with lots of hair and a neck size that changes depending on summer/winter coat.

  • Made in UK - Not only are you getting a beautiful handmade collar, you will also be supporting British companies making the parts
  • Order online or made to order so you can get the exact size you need (please email us the requirements of made to order size)
  • Available in 1" (25mm) or 3/4" (20mm) widths

***Please note measurements do not include the chain as the collar should be tight fitting when at it's smallest chain tightened up, never as small as strangling the dog.

10' - 13'  20cm - 33cm

12' - 15'  30cm - 38cm

14' - 17'  35cm - 43cm

16' - 19' 40cm - 48cm

18' - 21' 46cm - 53cm

20' - 23' 50cm - 58cm

22 - 25' 56cm - 63cm

24' - 27 60cm - 68cm

26' - 29' 66cm - 73cm

30' - 33' 76cm - 83cm


Here is a link to how to measure for a half check collar.