Cord loop show lead - bling & swivel

Cord loop show lead - bling & swivel

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Small dog show leads with bling. Please note these leads now have a swivel in them (missing in the picture)

These small dog leads are approx 140cm long. The loop is 30cm long. Our leads are sewn together, not just melted like lot of rope leads.

These leads come in two widths of rope 2mm which is suitable for toy dogs and 4mm wide and recommended for breeds like cavalier king charles, pug, Cocker spaniel, american cocker, most small terriers, whippets, poodles etc. This size can also be used on larger dogs that do not pull a lot (purely as narrow cord lead can be uncomfortable to hold  if the dog pulls). We have more cord colours available than listed, please contact for colour chart.

As we hand make these, we can make them to your measurements, please contact us if you would like something different to the standard.