Small dog show lead - comfort collar with bling lead

Small dog show lead - comfort collar with bling lead

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Comfort dog show leads with kindness neck pad and bling on the lead. The kindness pad helps control dogs that have a tendency to sniff the floor or choke themselves in a slim show lead. Leads with a wider neck piece are also great for youngsters and puppies in training.

These small dog leads are approx 130cm long and hand made. the wider neck part is approx 5 1/2 Inches long. These leads fit neck size from 5 1/2 upwards, the lead has a slider for sizing to the neck.

We currently have pink or turquoise bling, please note which one you would like when ordering.

The leather is supersoft nappa leather so gentle & comfortable on the neck of even the small dogs.

These are made with 4mm wide cord and recommended for  the larger small breeds, like cavalier king charles, pug, Cocker spaniel, american cocker, most small terriers, whippets etc. This size can also be used on larger dogs that do not pull a lot (narrow webbing lead will always be uncomfortable on a hand if dog pulls).

As we hand make these, we can make them to your measurements, if you require slightly larger or smaller comfort pad, please contact us.