Dog show collar - Half check (4mm)

WoofStar Shop


Half check collar for showing Toy, Small and medium breeds. Half check collar for showing made out of super soft  leather. Our show products are inside stitched, giving a smooth finish. There is a nylon rope inside for strength and to stop stretching. Available in Brass (Gold) or Nickel (Silver) plating.

The show collars are made to order so you can select the length and thickness you require. 

  • Thin 4mm, suitable for small breeds and dogs that do not pull, takes a 170kg weight. suitable for Toy, small and well behaved medium sized dogs

Current colours available are black, brown, white, purple & pink

Please note these collars are not designed for everyday use as are made out of very soft lambs leather.

We make these to order and the standard options are listed below, we regularly make larger and smaller sizes. Email us if you require anything different to the standard and we will do our best to accommodate