Rolled Leather Dog Lead - Small dog

Rolled Leather Dog Lead - Small dog

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    Luxurious rolled leather dog lead for small dogs and puppies. Hand made in UK with Italian nappa leather, the softest of leathers. These leads are luxuriously soft and comfortable to hold.

    This lead is our best seller and it is not surprising! Difference in our regular soft rolled lead and small dog rolled lead is the small dog one uses small clip and does not have thicker leather at the clip end as small dogs do not need this area enforced, but need a nice light lead. Small dog lead is also a foot longer than the regular rolled lead we do.

    • soft leather rolled leads in a beautiful range of colours
    • very soft to hold
    • Nickle trigger hook
    • available in 7 colours

    5 Ft long in length.

    We would recommend these for the little lightweight dainty dogs like chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, maltese, miniature dachshund, Pomeranian, Papillion, Japanes chin, Russian toy terrier etc

     We also do matching Couplers for these leads for 2 or 3 dogs.