Spaniel show lead (with Bling)

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Cocker spaniel show lead is a loop lead which can be tightened up and swivel joining the lead part of the set. These show leads are classically used by Cocker spaniel  owners but are obviously suitable for other breeds too.

Standard length of the lead part is 25 inch and the loop is 18 inch long, please leave a message if you require different length.

These cocker loop leads have a swivel at the end of the loop part of the show lead

Please note the breed of the dog when ordering comfort padded lead so it can be sized accordingly.

Standard comfort pad is sized for a cocker spaniel show lead, if ordering one with a comfort pad and no comment of the size of the dog is left, this is the size we will provide.

Our show leads are inside stitched making a set that has no edge and feels super smooth in your hand with a rope core to stop the lead stretching and also to make them stronger. These sets are approx thickness of 4mm, suitable for small breeds and dogs that do not pull, takes a 170kg weight

Email us if you require anything different to the standard and we will do our best to accommodate

Please note these leads are not designed for everyday use as are made out of very soft lambs leather