Bling dog collars

We have a large selection of bling dog collars, collars with diamonds and rhinestones. These collars add a bit of luxury to your day.  Bling dog collars collection has fashionable wide diamond collars and standard flat dog collars adding a little bit of sparkle to your everyday life. We also have beautiful diamond collars for small dogs.

The diamonds have been selected to give the maximum of reflection and sparkle. All of our bling dog collars have the stones riveted in to them (not glued on) and inside of the the collars is smooth as back of the stones is under the lining, not rubbing against your dogs skin and catching the hair. WoofStar Quality!

Which one of the collars will your furry prince or princess in your life wear?

These collars are also available in large sizes, some we do not hold in stock and are made to order. You will not find this quality and price elsewhere, that is a promise!