Pink leather dog collars UK

Pink leather dog collars for the girly girls.
Pink rolled dog collar
Pink half check collar
Pink studded collar
Pink crystal collar or just a plain pink leather collar... We have it all!

We have many types and styles to fit the princesses of the dog kingdom.

We are owned by giant dogs, female giant dogs that get called handsome every single day! One of the reason's WoofStar was founded was the need to have  pretty pink collars for our girls, at a price that would not break the bank (we have 6 girls). Therefore we have a large selection of pink dog collars for dogs of all sizes!

There will be a pretty collar to suit a style of any doggy girl! Some with subtle pink lining so not shouting PINK so loudly the man of the family is happy to walk the dog in it too.

All of the collars in this section are available in pink top leather or pink lining, all very girly indeed.

We can also confirm, NOBODY has said what a handsome fellow since our girls sport their girly pink diamond collars. Success!