Rolled leather products

Rolled leather dog collars and leads. our rolled leather items are made with incredibly soft nappa leather with a rope core or oil tanned leather. The nappa rolled leather products have a strong durable nylon inner-core for extra strength and also to avoid the leather stretching in use. The rolled leather collar and rolled leather lead is only as strong as the connector points in the collars (Buckles, D ring & Lead clips), our collars come with strong thick leather at these points - be careful of cheap versions where the hardware is sewn in the soft leather, these collars and leads are not very strong in everyday use. 

Rolled leather products are great for dogs with a lot of hair as the collars are gentle on the hair and do not mark the hair like a traditional collar can do. As well as traditional black and brown, our rolled leather products are available in wonderful range of colours.

  • soft leather rolled collars in a beautiful range of colours
  • ideal for dogs who have a ‘ruff’ or long hair around the neck
  • matching dog leads available
  • choose from a range sizes to suit most breeds

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