Rolled leather dog collar

What to consider when purchasing a rolled leather dog collar or lead

We here at WoofStar have a large selection of rolled leather collars and rolled leather dog leads. All of our rolled leather items are made with incredibly soft nappa leather and we have a selection of bright colours too.



Rolled leather products are great for dogs with a lot of hair as the collars are gentle on the hair and do not mark the hair like a traditional collar can do. Rolled leather collars are also often used as a house collar for keeping the tags on the dog as are light and gentle on the coat.

There are few things to keep in mind when selecting a rolled leather collar for your dog. 


Some rolled leather products on the market are made with leather alone, this can make the collar and lead weak as leather will naturally stretch under pressure and after a while will snap. 

All Woofstar rolled leather products have a strong durable nylon inner-core for extra strength and also to avoid the leather stretching in use making the collars more long lived.  This is extremely important if the rolled leather collar or lead is used by a strong dog or dog that pulls on the lead.

The rolled leather collar is only as strong as the connector points where the Buckles, D ring & Lead clips join the main part of the collar, our collars come with strong thick leather at these points - be careful of cheap versions where the hardware is sewn in the soft leather, these collars and leads are not very strong in everyday use and will end up breaking at these points due to general wear and tear to the leather. Collar or lead snapping whilst out with the dog can have a disastrous consequences! 


Woofstar uses cast buckles, cast buckles are stronger and thicker all the way round. Many rolled leather products on the market have thin stamped buckles. Stamped buckle is basically stamped out of sheet of metal, with the edges bent under. Stamped buckles break easier under pressure with thin edges that could scratch your dog. Stamped buckles are also cheaper to produce which is why mass produced products will use this type of a buckle.


Another detail to take in to consideration is the stitching on the product. There is a stitching done with two needles, this will not run even if a threat breaks, again another detail to add to the longevity and safety of the product. All WoofStar rolled leather products are hand stitched with double needle technique at the points where the threat is most likely to break and is under pressure.



Our selection of handmade rolled leather collars has three different types: 

1. Rolled leather slip collar - Also known as a choke collar. Woofstar slip collars come with a stopper where you can size the collar to your dogs neck size and the collar will not choke the dog when in use.

2. Rolled leather half check collar - Please ensure you select the correct size for your dog. 

  • Added benefit of both slip and half check collars is the fact the dog can not back out of the collar but when not clipped to the lead, these collars lay looser on the neck.

3. Rolled leather buckle collar - Buckle collar made out of rolled leather with all the featured listed above. These are very popular as house collars to hold the dogs tags on them even if the dog wears a harness out on the walks.

It is important to inspect your dogs gear regularly. Check the clips and buckles and that there is no rips to the leather and the threat is not running at any points. Little research and purchasing a quality product will be worth the little time it takes to look at the finer detail in the collar!